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AGENCY Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
ISSUE 01/31/2003
ACTION Miscellaneous

Notice of Deletion of the Old Lufkin Creosoting State Superfund Site from the State Superfund Registry

The executive director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ or commission) is issuing this notice of deletion of the Old Lufkin Creosoting site (the Site) from the state registry, the list of state Superfund sites. The state registry lists the contaminated sites which may constitute an imminent and substantial endangerment to public health and safety or the environment due to a release or threatened release of hazardous substances into the environment.

The Site was originally proposed for listing on the state registry on September 25, 1990. The Site, including all land, structures, appurtenances, and other improvements is approximately 13 acres in size and is located at 1411 East Lufkin Avenue, Lufkin, Angelina County, Texas. In addition, the Site included any areas where hazardous substances came to be located as a result, either directly or indirectly, of releases of hazardous substances from the site.

Lufkin Creosoting Company (LLC) began operations at 1411 Lufkin Avenue in 1946. The company treated telephone poles, fence posts, railroad ties, and dimensionalized lumber at this location until 1979 when the operations were moved to a larger site on US Highway 69. The LCC began operations almost exclusively using creosote, or coal tar, to treat the wood products they produced. The only other treatment chemical utilized at this location was pentachlorophenol, which was used for about six months for treating fence posts. The treatment cylinders, boilers, pumps, tanks, and associated plumbing were located in an area bounded by the eastern property line and the south side of the drainage ditch. To date, remedial activities have not been completed but are anticipated to be completed while in the TCEQ's Voluntary Cleanup Program.

Upon completion of the remedial actions, groundwater will continue to be monitored to evaluate any potential impact of soils on groundwater. Samples will be collected on a semi-annual basis for a period of two years and then on an annual basis for a period of three years. Then, a five-year review of the groundwater monitoring data will be completed by LCC's consultant/engineer, who will provide the data review report to the TCEQ project manager, along with a recommendation for the frequency of groundwater monitoring during the subsequent five-year period. At the conclusion of the second five-year monitoring period, LCC's consultant/engineer will conduct another five-year review of the monitoring data, along with a recommendation to continue or end the groundwater monitoring.

The Site is not appropriate for residential use, according to state risk reduction regulations applicable to the Site.

Upon completion of the response action while in the TCEQ's Voluntary Cleanup Program, LCC will deed record the institutional controls which will consist of restricting the land use to industrial/commercial and banning the installation of wells for the purpose of producing potable water. LCC will keep and maintain the current fence in place after completion of the response action. The fence surrounds the entire property.

In accordance with 30 TAC §335.344(b), the commission held a public meeting to receive comments on the intended deletion of the Site on December 10, 2002, at Lufkin City Hall. No comments regarding the proposed deletion were received at the public meeting. The complete public file, including a transcript of the public meeting, may be viewed during regular business hours at the commission's Records Management Center, Building E, First Floor, 12100 Park 35 Circle, Austin, Texas 78753, telephone numbers (800) 633-9363 or (512) 239-2920. Fees are charged for photocopying file information.

Because the Site has been accepted into the TCEQ Voluntary Cleanup Program, it may now be deleted from the state registry as provided by Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC), §361.189(a) and 30 TAC §335.344(c).

In accordance with THSC, §361.188(d), a notice will be filed in the real property records of Angelina County, Texas, stating that the Site has been deleted from the state registry.

All inquiries regarding the deletion of the Site should be directed to Mr. Bruce McAnally, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Community Relations, at (800) 633-9363 or (512) 239-2141.


Paul Sarahan

Director, Litigation Division

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Filed: January 21, 2003

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