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AGENCY Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
ISSUE 12/10/2004
ACTION Miscellaneous

Notice of Intent to Perform Removal Action at the Rogers Delinted Cottonseed Company State Superfund Site, Farmersville, Collin County, Texas

The executive director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ or commission) hereby issues public notice of intent to perform a removal action, as provided by Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC), §361.133, for the Rogers Delinted Cottonseed Company state Superfund site (the site). The site, including all land, structures, appurtenances, and other improvements, is approximately 81 acres located at the intersection of State Highway 380 and Farm-to-Market Road 547 in Farmersville, Collin County, Texas. The site also includes any areas where hazardous substances have come to be located as a result of, either directly or indirectly, releases of hazardous substances from the site. The site is a former cottonseed processing facility. During its operation contamination came to be deposited in the soil and in process wastewater ponds. The contamination consisted of inorganic metals: Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Nickel, Selenium, Silver, Thallium, and Zinc. In addition, other organic compounds consisting of pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) also were deposited on site.

The site is proposed for listing under THSC, Chapter 361, Subchapter F. Contamination in soil, sediment, and surface water that exceeds commercial/industrial protective concentration levels, as described in the Texas Risk Reduction Program rule (30 TAC Chapter 350), will be removed to prevent any future risk to human health or the environment at the site. A removal action can be completed without extensive investigation and planning and will achieve a significant cost reduction for the site and consists of the removal of contaminated soil, sediment, and surface water. The removal action will help prevent the further spread of contamination.

A portion of the records for this site is available for review during regular business hours at the Charles J. Rike Memorial Library, 203 Orange Street, Farmersville, Texas 75442. Copies of the complete public record file may be viewed during business hours at the commission's Records Management Center, Records Customer Service, Building E, First Floor, MC 199, 12100 Park 35 Circle, Austin, Texas 78753, (800) 633-9363 or (512) 239-2920. Photocopying of file information is subject to payment of a fee. Parking for persons with disabilities is available on the east side of Building D, convenient to access ramps that are between Buildings D and E.

For further information, please contact Alvie Nichols, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Remediation Division, at (512) 239-2439, or John Flores, TCEQ Community Relations Coordinator, at (512) 239-5674.


Paul C. Sarahan

Director, Litigation Division

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Filed: November 30, 2004

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