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AGENCY Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
ISSUE 11/21/2003
ACTION Miscellaneous

Notice of Deletion of Aztec Ceramics Site from the State Superfund Registry

The executive director (ED) of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ or commission) is issuing this notice of deletion of the Aztec Ceramics state Superfund site (the Site) from the state registry, the list of state Superfund sites. The state registry lists the contaminated sites which may constitute an imminent and substantial endangerment to public health and safety or the environment due to a release or threatened release of hazardous substances into the environment.

The Site was originally proposed for listing on the state registry in the April 11, 1995 issue of the Texas Register (20 TexReg 2733). The Site, including all land, structures, appurtenances, and other improvements, is approximately 8.8 acres located at 4735 Emil Road, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. In addition, the Site included any areas where hazardous substances came to be located as a result, either directly or indirectly, of releases of hazardous substances from the Site.

The remedial investigation (RI) found that the Site presented risks to on-site workers and trespassers who might come in contact with or ingest contaminated soils and wastes. The RI also found no unacceptable impacts to the underlying shallow groundwater associated with the wastes on the Site. The major elements of the remedy implemented in August 2002 included: installation of an asphalt cap to prevent contact or ingestion of contaminated materials by site occupants or trespassers and to minimize infiltration through the waste which might cause adverse groundwater impacts; a fence around the Site which was left in place at the conclusion of the remedial action to prevent unauthorized entry to the Site by vehicles which might damage the asphalt cap; preservation of monitor wells which were installed during the RI to facilitate future groundwater monitoring; and recordation of a deed notice in the real property records of Bexar County which warns that the land use must be limited to industrial/commercial activities unless further corrective actions are undertaken to render the Site suitable for other uses. Post-closure care includes annual inspections of the cap and fence. Sampling of the monitoring wells will also be done to ensure that the groundwater has not been impacted.

The Site is not appropriate for residential use according to 30 TAC Chapter 335, Subchapters A and S, Risk Reduction Rules.

In accordance with 30 TAC §335.344(b), the commission held a public meeting on June 19, 2003, at the Pfeiffer Elementary School cafeteria, San Antonio, Texas, to receive comments on the intended deletion of the Site. The commission prepared a responsiveness summary that responds to comments received into the record at the public meeting. The complete public file, including the transcript of the meeting and the responsiveness summary, may be viewed during regular business hours at the commission's Records Management Center, Building E, First Floor, 12100 Park 35 Circle, Austin, Texas 78753, (800) 633-9363 or (512) 239-2920. Fees are charged for photocopying file information. All inquiries regarding the deletion of the Site should be directed to Ms. Janie Montemayor, Community Relations, (800) 633-9363 or (512) 239-3844.


Paul C. Sarahan

Director, Litigation Division

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Filed: November 12, 2003

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