Texas Administrative Code



§402.100 Definitions
§402.101 Advisory Opinions
§402.102 Bingo Advisory Committee
§402.103 Training Program
§402.200 General Restrictions on the Conduct of Bingo
§402.201 Prohibited Bingo Occasion
§402.202 Transfer of Funds
§402.203 Unit Accounting
§402.204 Prohibited Price Fixing
§402.205 Unit Agreements
§402.210 House Rules
§402.211 Other Games of Chance
§402.212 Promotional Bingo
§402.300 Pull-Tab Bingo
§402.301 Bingo Card/Paper
§402.303 Pull-tab or Instant Bingo Dispensers
§402.321 Card-Minding Systems--Definitions
§402.322 Card-Minding Systems--Site System Standards
§402.323 Card-Minding Systems--Device Standards
§402.324 Card-Minding Systems--Approval of Card-Minding Systems
§402.325 Card-Minding Systems--Licensed Authorized Organizations Requirements
§402.326 Card-Minding Systems--Distributor Requirements
§402.327 Card-Minding Systems--Security Standards
§402.328 Card-Minding Systems--Inspections and Restrictions
§402.400 General Licensing Provisions
§402.401 Temporary License
§402.402 Registry of Bingo Workers
§402.403 Licenses for Conduct of Bingo Occasions and to Lease Bingo Premises
§402.404 License and Registry Fees
§402.405 Temporary Authorization
§402.406 Bingo Chairperson
§402.407 Unit Manager
§402.408 Designation of Members
§402.409 Amendment for Change of Premises or Occasions Due to Lease Termination or Abandonment
§402.410 Amendment of a License - General Provisions
§402.411 License Renewal
§402.412 Signature Requirements
§402.420 Qualifications and Requirements for Conductor's License
§402.422 Amendment to a Regular License to Conduct Charitable Bingo
§402.424 Amendment of a License by Telephone or Facsimile
§402.442 Amendment to a Commercial Lessor License
§402.450 Request for Waiver
§402.451 Operating Capital
§402.452 Net Proceeds
§402.453 Request for Operating Capital Increase
§402.500 General Records Requirements
§402.501 Charitable Use of Net Proceeds
§402.502 Charitable Use of Net Proceeds Recordkeeping
§402.503 Bingo Gift Certificates
§402.504 Debit Card Transactions
§402.505 Permissible Expense
§402.506 Disbursement Records Requirements
§402.511 Required Inventory Records
§402.514 Electronic Fund Transfers
§402.600 Bingo Reports and Payments
§402.601 Interest on Delinquent Tax
§402.602 Waiver of Penalty, Settlement of Prize Fees, Rental Tax, Penalty and/or Interest
§402.603 Bond or Other Security
§402.604 Delinquent Purchaser
§402.700 Denials; Suspensions; Revocations; Hearings
§402.701 Investigation of Applicants for Licenses
§402.702 Disqualifying Convictions
§402.703 Audit Policy
§402.705 Inspection of Premises
§402.706 Standard Administrative Penalty Guideline
§402.707 Expedited Administrative Penalty Guideline
§402.708 Dispute Resolution
§402.709 Corrective Action

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