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RULE §31.7Motorcycle Requirements

(a) A motorcycle must be rejected for use by the RiderCoach(s) if it fails to meet the requirements of this section or if, in the discretion of the RiderCoach, the motorcycle is unsafe or inappropriate for the rider, a RiderCoach, another student, or any other person permitted in the riding area. A motorcycle may be deemed unsafe because of modification, damage, lack of maintenance, nonstandard configuration, or any other substantial safety reason.

(b) Student-owned motorcycles used in the basic or advanced motorcycle operator training courses may be a moped, motor-driven cycle or motorcycle of any engine displacement, seat height or weight and must:

  (1) meet all the requirements for operation on public highways;

  (2) have proof of adequate insurance coverage available for inspection by the lead RiderCoach; and

  (3) pass a safety inspection conducted by the RiderCoach.

(c) A student may use a borrowed motorcycle if the student can show written permission from the owner to use the motorcycle in the course and if it meets the requirements of paragraphs (1), (2), and (3) of subsection (b).

(d) A student electing to use a personal or borrowed motorcycle in the basic motorcycle operator training course must sign a waiver form stating that they accept all liability for damages caused by, or to the vehicle.

(e) A motorcycle provided by a sponsor for use in the basic motorcycle operator training course must meet a minimum of two of the following criteria based on the original equipment manufacturer's specifications without modifications:

  (1) an engine displacement of 500cc or less;

  (2) an unladened weight of 400 pounds or less; or,

  (3) a seat height of 30 inches or less.

(f) Sponsors may not provide a training motorcycle to a student for use in the advanced motorcycle operator training course. If a sponsor provides a motorcycle to a student for use in the basic motorcycle operator training course, the motorcycle:

  (1) must meet the safety requirements of subsection (a) of this section;

  (2) may, but is not required to, be registered, inspected, or insured for operation on public highways.

(g) Motorcycles, trikes, sidecar rigs, or any other combinations of motorcycle equipment used in specialized motorcycle training courses must be in safe operating condition, as determined by the trainer, at the time of use.

Source Note: The provisions of this §31.7 adopted to be effective April 20, 1993, 18 TexReg 2301; amended to be effective April 15, 1997, 22 TexReg 3305; amended to be effective May 1, 2001, 26 TexReg 3222; amended to be effective December 25, 2003, 28 TexReg 11343; amended to be effective December 23, 2004, 29 TexReg 11747

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