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RULE §577.5Advisory Committees

(a) With statutory or board authorization, the president may appoint, disband, or reconvene advisory committees as deemed necessary. Such committees shall have and exercise such authority as may be granted by the board. At the time the president creates an advisory committee, the president will assign it a purpose, role, responsibility and goal.

(b) The president will determine the composition of the advisory committee, and determine the necessary qualifications of advisory committee members, to ensure that the advisory committee is made up of members with experience or backgrounds necessary to represent stakeholder viewpoints on the issue before the advisory committee.

(c) Advisory committee members will serve one year terms, unless the president chooses to disband the advisory committee before one year has elapsed. Committee members may be reappointed at the end of their terms, at the discretion of the president.

(d) Advisory committees will be composed of no less than three and no more than six members. A quorum is a simple majority of the total number of appointed committee members.

(e) A board member or members appointed by the President of the Board or the Board may serve as a liaison(s) to a committee and report to the Board the recommendations of the committee for consideration by the Board.

(f) Each committee shall select from among its members a chairperson who shall report to the agency or Board as needed.

(g) Each committee's work and usefulness shall be evaluated annually.

(h) Committee members will be expected to attend meetings. The chairperson has the discretion to recommend the dismissal of a member who does not regularly attend. The Board or Executive Director has the authority to approve the dismissal of a member.

(i) Advisory committees chairs may invite individuals as expert resources to participate in committee discussions and deliberations. Invited experts serve as ad hoc members and do not have voting privileges.

(j) The committees will meet as needed. Meeting times will be scheduled by the chairperson of each committee who shall determine whether a majority of the members will be in attendance to establish a quorum.

(k) Advisory committees will provide notice of meetings, as feasible, on the Secretary of State's web site to allow the public an opportunity to participate.

(l) The decisions of the committee are advisory only.

Source Note: The provisions of this §577.5 adopted to be effective May 4, 2014, 39 TexReg 3431

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