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RULE §91.41How to Submit Rule Graphics

(a) If a rule document has an associated graphic as defined in §91.2 of this title (relating to Definitions), name the rule graphic file as follows: aa_bbbb_cccc-x."file extension." In this scheme, aa denotes the title number, bbbb denotes the chapter number, cccc denotes the rule number, and x indicates the number of the graphic file (if there is more than one accompanying the rule). Example: 01_0091_0001-3.html indicates this is the third file submitted for Title 1, Chapter 91, rule 1 (1 TAC §91.1). Add leading zeroes to complete the aa_bbbb_cccc fields, if necessary.

(b) Use e-mail or file transfer protocol (ftp) to submit it to the Texas Register.

(c) Mark on the submission form that the rule document has an associated graphic. Indicate the name of the graphic file and whether it was submitted via e-mail or ftp.

(d) We accept only the following formats for graphic files:

  (1) Word documents (.doc extension);

  (2) Word Perfect documents (.wpd extension);

  (3) Hypertext Markup Language (.htm or .html extension);

  (4) image files (.gif, .tif, .jpg, and .bmp formats); and

  (5) Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf extension).

(e) If we are unable to use the electronic file for any reason, we will require you to supply hard copy of the graphic.

(f) Include in the upper left corner of each electronic graphic file a label comprised of the word "Figure," the TAC citation, and the level of the rule that references the graphic. Example: "Figure: 34 TAC §3.334(a)(1)." The rule text must reference the same label at the appropriate level. Label a table or graphic within a preamble with the word "Figure," TAC citation, and the word "preamble." Example: "Figure: 34 TAC Chapter 3 - Preamble."

(g) Do not refer to the Tables and Graphics section of the Texas Register in rule text. Place graphic labels at the end of the appropriate subdivision.

(h) If the body of a graphic is not being amended, but it is moving within a rule, resubmit it with its new label in both the proposed and adopted rule filings.

(i) If a graphic attached to an amended subdivision is not changed or deleted, mark it as "(No change.)" Example: "Figure: 34 TAC §3.334(a)(1) (No change.)" If a subdivision with a graphic was marked "(No change.)" in the proposed rulemaking, submit the complete text of the adopted rule with its graphic label designated "(No change.)" When you propose or adopt a new rule, submit any associated graphics and do not mark the figure line as "(No change.)"

(j) When proposing to delete a graphic from a rule, bracket the figure label within the rule text. Example: [Figure: 34 TAC §3.334(a)(1)]. Do not submit the deleted graphic with the filing.

(k) Do not use rulemaking codes, as outlined in §91.35(f) of this title (relating to How to File a Proposed Rule), in graphic material. Do not use the "tab" function to create tables and equations in Word or Word Perfect because the tab formatting will be lost in the conversion to html.

Source Note: The provisions of this §91.41 adopted to be effective March 23, 2003, 28 TexReg 2303

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