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RULE §401.47Appeal of an Interim Order

(a) Availability of Appeal. Appeals are available for any order of the presiding hearings officer that immediately prejudices a substantial or material right of a party, or materially affects the course of the hearing, other than evidentiary rulings. Interim orders shall not be subject to exceptions or applications for rehearing prior to issuance of a report of a presiding hearings officer.

(b) Procedure for Appeal. If the presiding hearings officer intends to reduce an oral ruling to a written order, the presiding hearings officer shall so indicate on the record at the time of the oral ruling and shall promptly issue the written order. Any appeal to the executive director as to matters within his or her jurisdiction shall be filed within five working days of the issuance of the written order or the appealable oral ruling. The appeal shall be served on all parties by hand delivery, facsimile transmission, or by overnight courier delivery.

(c) Contents. An appeal shall specify the reasons why the interim order is unjustified or improper.

(d) Responses. Any response to an appeal shall be filed within five working days of the filing of the appeal.

(e) Motions for Stay. Pending a ruling by the executive director, the presiding hearings officer may, upon motion, grant a stay of the interim order. A motion for a stay shall specify the basis for a stay. Good cause shall be shown for granting a stay. The mere filing of an appeal shall not stay the interim order or the procedural schedule.

(f) Denial. The executive director shall rule on the interim order within 20 days of the filing of the appeal. If the executive director does not rule on the appeal within 20 days of its filing, or extend the time for ruling, the interim order is deemed approved and any granted stay is lifted. The appeal may be carried with the underlying case provided the executive director does not act upon the appeal within the time provided in this section.

(g) Reconsideration. The presiding hearings officer may treat an appeal as a motion for reconsideration and may withdraw or modify the order under appeal prior to a decision on the appeal.

Source Note: The provisions of this §401.47 adopted to be effective March 8, 2001, 26 TexReg 2040; amended to be effective December 18, 2012, 37 TexReg 9778

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