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RULE §373.3Supervision of an Occupational Therapy Assistant

(a) An occupational therapy assistant shall provide occupational therapy services only under the supervision of an occupational therapist(s).

(b) Supervision of a full time employed occupational therapy assistant by the occupational therapist(s) in all settings includes:

  (1) A minimum of six hours a month of frequent communication between the supervising occupational therapist(s) and the occupational therapy assistant(s) by telephone, written report, email, conference etc., including review of progress of patient's/client's assigned, plus

  (2) A minimum of two hours of supervision a month of face-to-face, real time interaction with the occupational therapist(s) observing the occupational therapy assistant providing services with patients/clients.

  (3) These hours shall be documented on a Supervision Log for each employer. The occupational therapist(s) or employer may request a copy of the Supervision Log. The Supervision Log is kept by the occupational therapy assistant and signed by occupational therapist(s) when supervision is given.

  (4) All the occupational therapist(s), whether working full time, PRN or part-time, who delegate to the occupational therapy assistant, must be participating in the supervision time, whether on a rotational or shared basis.

(c) Occupational therapy assistants working part-time or less than a full month within a given month may pro-rate these hours, but shall document no less than four hours of supervision per month, one hour of which includes face-to-face, real time interaction by the occupational therapist(s) observing the occupational therapy assistant providing services with patients/clients.

(d) Those months where the occupational therapy assistant licensee does not work as a occupational therapy assistant, he or she shall write N/A in the Supervision Log for that month.

(e) Occupational therapy assistants with more than one employer must have a supervisor at each job whose name is on file with the board and must receive supervision by an occupational therapist(s), as outlined for part-time employment in this section. Occupational therapy assistants who work for more than one employer must submit the name and license number at least one OT at each employer, though any of the occupational therapist(s) at the employer may supervise.

(f) The occupational therapy assistant must include the name of the supervising OT in each patient's intervention note. This may not necessarily be the occupational therapist who wrote the plan of care, but an occupational therapist who is readily available to answer questions about the patient's/client's intervention.

(g) If the occupational therapy assistant has no occupational therapist's name to write in their notes, or available to call, the occupational therapy assistant cannot provide OT services.

(h) Occupational therapy assistants' Supervision Logs are subject to audit by the board.

Source Note: The provisions of this §373.3 adopted to be effective July 22, 2001, 26 TexReg 5443; amended to be effective July 22, 2002, 27 TexReg 6546; amended to be effective October 27, 2003, 28 TexReg 9292; amended to be effective February 27, 2005, 30 TexReg 911; amended to be effective February 25, 2008, 33 TexReg 1605; amended to be effective August 26, 2008, 33 TexReg 7001; amended to be effective June 18, 2009, 34 TexReg 3983; amended to be effective January 9, 2012, 37 TexReg 69; amended to be effective October 6, 2013, 38 TexReg 6931

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