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RULE §252.5Employee Training and Education

(a) The Commission may make public funds available to its employees for training and education in accordance with the State Employees Training Act (Texas Government Code, §§656.041 - 656.104).

(b) The training or education must be related to the duties or prospective duties of the employee.

(c) Employees may be required to complete a training or education program related to the employee's duties or prospective duties.

(d) Requirements for eligibility and participation in a training or education program shall be in accordance with the Commission's current Human Resource Policy Manual.

(e) Approval to participate in a training or education program, including Commission-sponsored programs, shall not in any way affect an employee's at-will status or constitute a guarantee or indication of continued employment, nor shall it constitute a guarantee or indication of future employment in a current or prospective position.

(f) Permission to participate in any training or education program may be withdrawn if the Commission's Executive Director determines that participation would negatively impact the employee's job duties or performance.

(g) All materials received by an employee through Commission-funded training or education are the property of the Commission.

Source Note: The provisions of this §252.5 adopted to be effective November 2, 2010, 35 TexReg 9677

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