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RULE §61.65General Provisions for Ammoniating Aflatoxin-Contaminated Corn, Cottonseed, and/or Cottonseed Meal

(a) The provisions of the section apply to all facilities and equipment used in the ammoniation and shall also govern those instances in which failure to adhere to these practices causes ineffective treatment of the product. In such cases, the product is adulterated within the meaning of §141.148 of the Texas Commercial Feed Control Act.

(b) In addition to these provisions, the distributors of ammoniated products shall comply with any and all other provisions of the Texas Feed Rules and the Law.

(c) The general process used for aflatoxin decontamination of:

  (1) corn shall involve high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) process involving the addition of ammonia (gaseous or in solution) and water in a contained vessel. The temperature in the reactor must rise to at least 80 degrees Centigrade;

  (2) cottonseed shall involve the same parameters as corn, but the reaction time must be two hours.

(d) A specific process shall be approved by the Service prior to distribution of any product.

(e) Aflatoxin concentrations shall be measured before and after ammoniation of each batch or production run by collecting a representative sample, preparing the sample for analysis, and analyzing the total amount for aflatoxins. If the ammoniator holds product for 90 days, the product must be retested before distribution.

(f) Processors shall keep records to ensure that the appropriate procedures were followed.

(g) Ammoniated corn, ammoniated cottonseed, and ammoniated cottonseed meal are ingredients separate and distinct from corn and cottonseed themselves and, as such, the label shall bear:

  (1) the common name term "ammoniated" preceding the ingredient name as required by the Act and the Commercial Feed Rules for any distinct ingredient;

  (2) the amount of non-protein nitrogen (NPN);

  (3) the level of aflatoxin after treatment regardless of level; and

  (4) in addition to any other requirement of the Act or Rules, the statements: "WARNING: NOT FOR HUMAN USE; FEED TO RUMINANTS ONLY. NOT FOR INTERSTATE SHIPMENT."

(h) Each facility distributing ammoniated corn, ammoniated cottonseed, or ammoniated cottonseed meal must also have in its possession and provide on reasonable request a certificate indicating either:

  (1) its ammoniation process has been approved by the Service; or

  (2) that the firm providing ammoniation has been approved by the Service.

(i) Each facility must provide to the Service on reasonable request a record showing the name of the buyer, the amount of ammoniated product sold to each buyer during the last two years, and the aflatoxin levels before and after ammoniation.

Source Note: The provisions of this §61.65 adopted to be effective September 23, 1997, 22 TexReg 9471.

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