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RULE §23.12Standards of Conduct

(a) All vehicle inspection stations must record the inspection of all vehicles, whether the vehicle passed, failed, or was repaired, into the appropriate state vehicle inspection database using a department approved device during each inspection and at the time of that inspection.

(b) The operations manual for official vehicle inspection stations and certified vehicle inspectors must be the instruction manual and training guide for the operation of all vehicle inspection stations and certified vehicle inspectors. It will serve as procedure for all vehicle inspection station operations and inspections performed.

(c) Fleet and government vehicle inspection stations must not inspect vehicles owned by officers, employees, or the general public.

(d) A vehicle inspection station must have a certified and properly endorsed vehicle inspector to perform inspections in a prompt manner during posted business hours.

(e) No vehicle inspection station shall refuse to inspect a vehicle for which it is endorsed that is presented for inspection during the posted business hours.

(f) A certified vehicle inspector must conduct a complete and thorough inspection of every vehicle presented for an official inspection in accordance with this chapter and Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 548 (the Act), as authorized by the vehicle inspector's certification and by the vehicle inspection station's endorsement.

(g) A certified vehicle inspector must not use, nor be under the influence of, alcohol or drugs while on duty. Prescription drugs may be used when prescribed by a licensed physician, provided the inspector is not impaired while on duty.

(h) A certified vehicle inspector must inspect a vehicle presented for inspection within a reasonable time.

(i) A certified vehicle inspector must notify the department representative supervising the vehicle inspection station immediately if his driver license is suspended or revoked.

(j) A certified vehicle inspector must conduct each inspection and affix each inspection certificate, in the approved inspection area of the vehicle inspection station location designated on the certificate of appointment. The road test may be conducted outside this area.

(k) The certified vehicle inspector must consult the vehicle owner or operator prior to making a repair or adjustment.

(l) Inspections may be performed by more than one certified vehicle inspector, but the inspector of record is responsible for ensuring that the inspection is completed in accordance with the Act and this chapter.

(m) The certified vehicle inspector must not require a vehicle owner whose vehicle has been rejected to have repairs made at a specific garage.

(n) The certified vehicle inspector must maintain a clean and orderly appearance and be courteous in his contact with the public.

(o) Any services offered in conjunction with the vehicle inspection must be separately described and itemized on the invoice or receipt.

Source Note: The provisions of this §23.12 adopted to be effective March 13, 2013, 38 TexReg 1700

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