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RULE §20.340Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

  (1) Accumulated Depreciation--The total amount of vehicle depreciation recorded in the Vehicle Information Program.

  (2) Alternative Fuel--Compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity, methanol (or M85), or ethanol (or E85).

  (3) Alternative Fuel Vehicle--A motor vehicle capable of using alternative fuel in the original equipment manufactured engine, or in a converted traditional gasoline or diesel engine.

  (4) Assigned Vehicle--A state vehicle normally driven by the same employee or small specific group of employees.

  (5) Book Value--The capitalized value less the accumulated depreciation.

  (6) Capitalized Value--The original cost of a vehicle, plus later adjustments for major additions or improvements.

  (7) Commission--The Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC).

  (8) Depreciation Rate--A uniform mathematical factor which reflects a vehicle's loss of market value due to wear, deterioration, or obsolescence.

  (9) Direct Labor--The cost of labor associated with repairing or servicing vehicles, whether performed by a contractor or state employee.

  (10) Disposal Date--The date on which a state vehicle is no longer included in a state agency's property inventory.

  (11) Downtime--The total number of working hours a state vehicle, otherwise eligible for assignment, is out of service for repair or maintenance.

  (12) Driver's Handbook--A reference manual or guide detailing state agency operational policy and procedure for state vehicles.

  (13) Field Employee--A state employee whose regular duties require work in locations other than agency headquarters or regional offices and who regularly require a vehicle for ongoing daily duties.

  (14) Fleet Officer--The individual designated by each state agency who is responsible for the timely and accurate submission of all required information utilized by the vehicle fleet management system.

  (15) Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)--The greatest weight of vehicle and load which the manufacturer recommends that a vehicle accommodate. The GVW includes the total weight of chassis, cab, body, special equipment, oil, water, gasoline, driver, and the maximum payload.

  (16) Indirect Labor--The labor cost of vehicle fleet related employees whose time cannot be identified with repairing or servicing individual vehicles.

  (17) OVFM--Office of Vehicle Fleet Management.

  (18) Pool Vehicle--A vehicle normally garaged in a central location for use by any authorized employee of the state agency.

  (19) Salvage Value--The amount expected to be realized from the disposal of a vehicle at

  (20) Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)--A motor vehicle commercially designed to be used primarily for purposes other than to provide transportation service for personnel, supplies, or equipment.

  (21) Standard Labor Rate (SLR)--A rate computed to approximate the total hourly cost of salaries and related fringe benefits.

  (22) State agency--

    (A) any department, commission, board, office, council, or other agency in the executive branch of state government created by the constitution or by a statute of this state;

    (B) the Supreme Court of Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas, a court of civil appeals, or the Texas Judicial Council;

    (C) an institution of higher education as defined in the Texas Education Code, §61.003;

  (23) State Employee--A person employed by a state agency, or an elected or appointed state official.

  (24) State Vehicle--Any state-owned vehicle which is propelled by a self-contained engine and is licensed to operate on public highways.

  (25) Transfer Date--The date a vehicle is transferred from one state agency to another.

  (26) Vehicle Fleet Management System--A computerized data retrieval system to assist each state agency in the management of its vehicle fleet.

  (27) Vehicle Inventory--A list of state agency vehicles by type and class which is utilized to determine their average cost of operation.

Source Note: The provisions of this §20.340 adopted to be effective December 8, 2005, 30 TexReg 8055; transferred effective September 1, 2007, as published in the Texas Register July 6, 2007, 32 TexReg 4237

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