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RULE §20.308State Travel Credit Cards

(a) State Credit Card. State agencies, officials and employees shall use state travel credit cards to purchase contract and non-contract travel services. Contract travel services for airfare shall be charged to state travel credit cards. Contract and non-contract travel services for lodging, rental vehicles and other necessary travel expenses shall be charged to state travel credit cards, when feasible; purchases by other methods shall be reported monthly pursuant to §125.6(e).

(b) Eligibility. Any entity eligible to use contract travel services is also eligible to obtain state travel credit cards. State credit cards may be used only for official state business and may be issued to individuals and state agencies.

(c) State Travel Credit Cards Issued to Individuals. State agency employees should be issued a state travel credit card when the employee is expected to take at least three trips or spend at least $500 per fiscal year for official state travel business. State agencies may, at their discretion, approve the issuance of the cards to any employee.

(d) State agencies shall ensure that:

  (1) state travel credit cards are cancelled upon the employee's termination of employment;

  (2) state travel credit cards are cancelled when the employee fails to timely pay the charges, uses the card for personal transactions, or any other misuse of the credit card; and

  (3) individuals who are issued state travel credit cards understand that payment of charges on state travel credit cards is the sole responsibility of the individual and that the state shall not be responsible for the charges or for nonpayment by the employee.

(e) Individual Billing. State travel credit cards issued to individuals shall be billed directly to the individual who may obtain reimbursement through properly submitted state travel vouchers that comply with this subchapter and the rules and guidelines of the Comptroller. Other individuals eligible to use state travel credit cards shall comply with the reimbursement rules and procedures of their governing entity.

(f) Centralized Billing. A state travel credit card issued to an eligible entity shall be billed to that entity which may receive reimbursement pursuant to applicable statutes and rules.

Source Note: The provisions of this §20.308 adopted to be effective December 8, 2005, 30 TexReg 8051; transferred effective September 1, 2007, as published in the Texas Register July 6, 2007, 32 TexReg 4237

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