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RULE §367.5Application Requirements

(a) To be considered by the board, all applications submitted for money from the fund must include:

  (1) the official name and address of the applicant;

  (2) the constitutional and statutory authority creating the applicant and under which the applicant currently operates;

  (3) the names and addresses of the individual or individuals with the legal authority to perform the acts of the entity, and title of position;

  (4) an affidavit from the individual with the authority to act on behalf of the applicant, or a certified copy of a resolution adopted or minutes approved by the governing body with the authority to act on behalf of the applicant, which:

    (A) identifies the amount that the applicant is requesting;

    (B) authorizes the submission of an application on behalf of the entity; and

    (C) designates an authorized representative to submit the application and perform all reasonable and necessary action in support of the application and, if approved by the board, to perform the terms and conditions of the award of money from the fund;

  (5) the name, address, and title of the designated representative;

  (6) a map and description of the geographic area in which the applicant is authorized to conduct such actions as are necessary for the proposed conservation program or project;

  (7) a description of the proposed program or project that includes:

    (A) the geographic area in which it will occur; and

    (B) the time schedule in which it will occur;

  (8) a proposed budget for the program or project that identifies:

    (A) the total cost;

    (B) the cost of each significant element of the program or project; and

    (C) other sources of funds, if any;

  (9) the predicted water conservation and other benefits that will be created from the proposed program or project;

  (10) a conservation plan and program of work or other sufficient description of the applicant's commitment to water conservation;

  (11) identification of a water conservation water management strategy identified in the most recent applicable regional water plan or state water plan that it will be implemented by the use of the grant; and

  (12) such additional information that may be requested by the executive administrator or the board.

(b) To be considered by the board, in addition to the requirements of subsection (a) of this section, all applications submitted for loans from the fund must include:

  (1) fiscal information with a plan for repayment to the board of the loan; and

  (2) if the political subdivision intends to use the board's loan to provide loans to persons;

    (A) a description of the types of conservation projects which will be funded by the loans provided to the political subdivision's applicants;

    (B) the standards applied by the political subdivision for the applications, security, repayment, and financial integrity for the loans;

    (C) the procedures for considering and approving loan applications submitted to the political subdivision and to assess the financial integrity of the person applying for the loan; and

    (D) a sample or adequate description of the agreement pursuant to which the funds will be provided.

Source Note: The provisions of this §367.5 adopted to be effective March 9, 2004, 29 TexReg 2362

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