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RULE §330.671Purpose and Applicability

(a) Purpose.

  (1) Fees. The commission is mandated by Texas Health and Safety Code, §361.013, to collect a fee for solid waste disposed of within the state, and from transporters of solid waste who are required to register with the state. Persons desiring to transport or deliver waste in enclosed containers or enclosed vehicles to a Type IV municipal solid waste management facility are subject to special route permit application and maintenance fees set forth and described in §330.103 of this title (relating to Collection and Transportation Requirements). The fee amount may be raised or lowered in accordance with spending levels authorized by the legislature.

  (2) Industrial solid waste and hazardous waste fees. The assessment of fees for the generation, treatment, storage, or disposal of industrial solid waste or hazardous waste is governed by regulations contained in Chapter 335, Subchapter J of this title (relating to Hazardous Waste Generation, Facility and Disposal Fees System).

  (3) Reports. The commission requires reports in order to track the amount of waste being stored, treated, processed, or disposed of in the state, to track the amount of processing and disposal capacity and reserve (future) disposal capacity, and to enable equitable assessment and collection of fees.

(b) Applicability.

  (1) Fees. Each operator of a municipal solid waste disposal facility or process for disposal is required to pay a fee to the agency based upon the amount of waste received for disposal. For the purpose of this subchapter, "waste received for disposal" means the total amount of the waste (measured in tons or cubic yards, or determined by the population equivalent method specified in §330.675(a)(3) of this title (relating to Reports) received by a disposal facility at the gate, excluding only those wastes that are recycled or exempted from payment of fees under this subchapter or by law. For the purpose of these sections, landfills, waste incinerators, and sites used for land treatment or disposal of wastes, sites used for land application of sludge or similar waste for beneficial use, composting facilities, and other similar facilities or activities are determined to be disposal facilities or processes. Recycling operations or facilities that process waste for recycling are not considered disposal facilities. Source separated yard waste composted at a composting facility, including a composting facility located at a permitted landfill, is exempt from the fee requirements set forth and described in these sections. For the purpose of these sections, source separated yard waste is defined as leaves, grass clippings, yard and garden debris, and brush, including clean woody vegetative material not greater than six inches in diameter, that results from landscape maintenance and land-clearing operations that has been separated and has not been commingled with any other waste material at the point of generation. The agency will credit any fee payment due under this subchapter for any material received and converted to compost product for composting through a composting process. Any compost or product for composting that is not used as compost and is deposited in a landfill or used as landfill daily cover is not exempt from the fee.

  (2) Industrial solid waste and hazardous waste fees. A fee for disposal of an industrial solid waste or hazardous waste in a municipal solid waste disposal facility shall be assessed at the rates prescribed under the authority of Chapter 335, Subchapter J of this title. If no fee under Chapter 335, Subchapter J of this title, is applicable to the disposal of an industrial solid waste or hazardous waste, then such waste shall be assessed a fee under this chapter for the disposal of solid waste in a municipal solid waste facility.

  (3) Reports. All registered or permitted facility operators are required to submit reports to the executive director covering the types and amounts of waste processed or disposed of at the facility or process location; other pertinent information necessary to track the amount of waste generated and disposed of, recovered, or recycled; and the amount of processing or disposal capacity of facilities. The information requested on forms provided by the executive director shall not be considered confidential or classified information unless specifically authorized by law, and refusal to submit the form complete with accurate information by the applicable deadline shall be considered as a violation of this section and subject to appropriate enforcement action and penalty.

  (4) Interest penalty. Owners or operators of a facility failing to make payment of the fees imposed under this subchapter when due shall be assessed penalties and interest in accordance with Chapter 12 of this title (relating to Payment of Fees).

Source Note: The provisions of this §330.671 adopted to be effective March 27, 2006, 31 TexReg 2502

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