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RULE §140.522Alternate Training Requirements

(a) General. This section sets out the minimum standards for registered nurses (RNs), physician assistants, podiatric medical assistants (PMAs) and x-ray equipment operators in a physician's office.

(b) Instructor direction required. All hours of the training program completed for the purposes of this section must be live and interactive and directed by an instructor approved by the department. Distance learning activities and audiovisual teleconferencing may be utilized, provided these include two-way, interactive communications which are broadcast or transmitted at the actual time of occurrence. Appropriate on-site supervision of persons participating in the distance learning activities or teleconferencing shall be provided by the approved training program. No credit will be given for training completed by self-directed study or correspondence. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to the out of classroom training requirements for podiatric medical assistants and x-ray equipment operators in a physician's offices.

  (1) Before an RN or physician assistant performs a radiologic procedure, the RN or physician assistant must complete the hours stated in subsection (d) of this section, or the hours stated in §140.518 of this title (relating Mandatory Training Programs for Non-Certified Technicians).

  (2) Before a PMA performs a radiologic procedure, the PMA must complete the hours stated in subsection (e) of this section, or the hours stated in §140.518(d) of this title concerning podiatric radiologic procedures.

  (3) Individuals who complete training approved under this section may not use that training toward the educational requirements for a general or limited certificate as set out in §140.507 of this title (relating to Types of Certificates and Applicant Eligibility).

(c) Approved instructors.

  (1) For purposes of this section, an individual is approved by the department to teach in a training program if the individual meets the requirements of §140.509(g)(1) - (2) of this title (relating to Standards for the Approval of Curricula and Instructors). The application for the training program must demonstrate that the instructors meet the qualifications. No application for individual instructor approval is required.

  (2) An LMRT may not teach, train, or provide clinical instruction in a portion of a training program which is different from the LMRT's level of certification. An LMRT holding a limited certificate in the chest and extremities categories may not participate in the portion of a training program relating to radiologic procedures of the spine. The LMRT may participate in the portions of the training program which are of a general nature and those specific to the specific categories on the limited certificate.

(d) Training requirements for registered nurses and physician assistants. A training program preparing RNs and physician assistants to perform radiologic procedures shall be designed to build on the health care knowledge base and skills acquired through completion of an educational program that qualifies the person for licensure as an RN or physician assistant. The training shall consist of:

  (1) a minimum of 30 hours of coursework that are fundamental to diagnostic radiologic procedures covering all of the following items:

    (A) radiation safety and protection for the patient, self, and others--10 hours;

    (B) radio-pharmaceutical administration--radiation safety--16 hours;

    (C) radiologic equipment--10 hours;

    (D) image production and evaluation--10 hours; and

  (2) one or more of the following units of instruction in radiologic procedures:

    (A) chest and abdomen (non-pediatric)--8 hours;

    (B) spine (non-pediatric)--10 hours;

    (C) skull (non-pediatric)--8 hours;

    (D) extremities (including pediatric)--8 hours; and

  (3) if the RN or physician assistant will perform pediatric radiologic procedures other than extremities, a minimum of 2 classroom hours for each of the areas identified in paragraph (2)(A) - (C) of this subsection.

(e) Training requirements for podiatric medical assistants PMAs.

  (1) In order to successfully complete a program, a PMA must complete the following training:

    (A) radiation safety and protection for the patient, self, and others--5 classroom hours and 5 out of classroom hours;

    (B) radiographic equipment used in podiatric medicine, including safety standards, operation, and maintenance--1 classroom hour and 2 out of classroom hours;

    (C) podiatric radiologic procedures, imaging production and evaluation--1 classroom hour and 4 out of classroom hours; and

    (D) methods of patient care and management essential to radiologic procedures, excluding CPR, BCLS, ACLS and similar subjects--1 classroom hour and 1 out of classroom hour.

  (2) Successful completion of PMA training allows the PMA to perform radiologic procedures only under the instruction or direction of a podiatrist.

  (3) The out of classroom training hours require successful completion of learning objectives approved by the department as verified by the supervising podiatrist.

(f) Application procedures for training programs. The department shall use the same process as described in §140.518(e), (f), (g), (h) and (i) of this title.

Source Note: The provisions of this §140.522 adopted to be effective November 20, 2008, 33 TexReg 9250

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