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RULE §821.4Fees

(a) General. Unless otherwise specified, the fees established in this section must be paid to the board before a license, registration, or accreditation is issued.

(b) For all applications and renewal applications, the board is authorized to collect subscription and convenience fees, in amounts determined by the Texas Online Authority, to recover costs associated with application and renewal application processing through texas.gov at www.texas.gov.

(c) For all applications and renewal applications, the board is authorized to collect fees to fund the Office of Patient Protection, Health Professions Council, as mandated by law.

(d) Schedule of fees. The board has established the schedule of fees as follows:

  (1) prosthetist or orthotist license or license renewal--$300;

  (2) prosthetist/orthotist license or license renewal--$400;

  (3) prosthetist or orthotist assistant license or license renewal--$200;

  (4) prosthetist/orthotist assistant license or license renewal--$250;

  (5) prosthetic or orthotic technician registration or registration renewal--$100;

  (6) prosthetic/orthotic technician registration or registration renewal--$150;

  (7) prosthetic or orthotic student registration or registration renewal--$75;

  (8) prosthetic/orthotic student registration or registration renewal--$100;

  (9) prosthetist or orthotist temporary license or temporary license renewal--$150;

  (10) prosthetist/orthotist temporary license or temporary license renewal--$200;

  (11) prosthetic or orthotic facility accreditation or accreditation renewal--$400;

  (12) prosthetic/orthotic facility accreditation or accreditation renewal--$500;

  (13) license, registration, or accreditation duplicate or replacement--$25;

  (14) orthotic or prosthetic examination--shall be determined by the department and shall consist of the examination fee in accordance with the current examination contract plus an administrative fee;

  (15) upgrade for student registrant and temporary licensees after passing the examination:

    (A) one category--$200;

    (B) two categories--$300;

  (16) license reinstatement following suspension of a license under the Family Code--the renewal fee for the license or registration and an additional $100;

  (17) returned check--$25;

  (18) written license/certification verification--$25 each;

  (19) adding orthotics or prosthetics to a facility accreditation issued in one category, including the designation of a practitioner in charge for the new category--$400;

  (20) changing the location or name of an accredited facility--$400;

  (21) changing the ownership of an accredited facility--$400;

  (22) changing the name of the on-site practitioner in charge of an accredited facility--$100;

  (23) changing the name of the safety manager of an accredited facility--$100;

  (24) retired voluntary charity care prosthetist or orthotist license renewal--$150;

  (25) retired voluntary charity care prosthetist/orthotist license renewal--$200;

  (26) prosthetist with orthotist assistant or orthotist with prosthetist assistant license renewal--$350; and

  (27) criminal history evaluation letter--$50.

(e) Returned checks. Returned checks will be subject to the following procedures.

  (1) A licensee, registrant, or accredited facilities, whose check is returned due to insufficient funds, account closed, payment stopped, or other reason, shall remit a money order or check for guaranteed funds to the board within 30 days of the date of the board's notice.

  (2) The application or renewal shall be considered incomplete until the replacement fee has been received and cleared through the appropriate financial institutions.

  (3) If a license, registration, accreditation, or renewal has already been issued, it shall be invalid until the replacement fee is received.

  (4) If a money order or check for guaranteed funds is not received within 30 days of the date of the board's notice, the board shall notify the applicant and the applicant's employer that the application is incomplete or the license, registration, or accreditation has been invalidated due to a returned check.

(f) Review of the fee schedule. The executive director shall make periodic reviews of the fee schedule and recommend adjustments necessary to provide sufficient funds to meet the expenses of the board without creating an unnecessary surplus. Adjustments shall be made through rule amendments approved by the board.

Source Note: The provisions of this §821.4 adopted to be effective February 10, 2011, 36 TexReg 548; amended to be effective October 5, 2014, 39 TexReg 7738

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