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RULE §741.162Requirements for Continuing Professional Education

(a) Continuing professional education in speech-language pathology and audiology as required by the Act consists of a series of planned individual learning experiences beyond the basic educational program which has led to a degree or qualifies one for licensure.

(b) A continuing education unit (CEU) is the basic unit of measurement used to credit individuals with continuing education activities for licensure. One CEU is defined as 10 contact hours of participation in an approved continuing education experience.

(c) A minimum of twenty clock hours (two CEUs) shall be required to renew a license issued for a two-year term. The holder of dual licenses, meaning both a speech-language pathology license and an audiology license, shall be required to earn 30 clock hours (three CEUs) to renew a license issued for a two-year term. Effective April 30, 2009, a license holder must complete a minimum of 2.0 clock hours (0.2 CEUs) in ethics as part of the continuing education requirement each renewal term.

(d) When renewing an initial license, the licensee shall submit 10 continuing education hours if the initial license was issued for less than 12 months and 20 continuing education hours if the initial license was issued for more than 12 months. Continuing education hours earned before the original effective date of a license are not acceptable.

(e) Continuing professional education shall be earned in one of the following areas:

  (1) basic communication processes;

  (2) speech-language pathology;

  (3) audiology;

  (4) ethics; or

  (5) an area of study related to the areas listed in paragraphs (1) - (4) of this subsection.

(f) Any continuing education activity shall be provided by a board approved sponsor with the exception of activities referenced in subsections (g) - (i) of this section. A list of approved sponsors designated by the board shall be made available to all licensees on the board's website.

(g) University or college course work completed with a grade of at least a "C" or for credit from an accredited college or university in the areas listed in subsection (e)(1) - (4) of this section shall be approved for 10 continuing education hours per semester hour, with a maximum of 20 continuing education hours per course.

(h) For any coursework that is offered by a sponsor that is not board approved, the licensee shall submit by email the course brochure or syllabus 30 days prior to the event for consideration for approval. Partial credit may be awarded.

(i) Earned continuing education hours exceeding the minimum requirement in a previous renewal period shall first be applied to the continuing education requirement for the current renewal period.

  (1) A maximum of 10 additional clock hours may be accrued during a license period to be applied to the next consecutive renewal period. Two of the 10 additional clock hours of the rollover hours may be in ethics.

  (2) A maximum of 15 additional clock hours may be accrued by dual speech-language pathology and audiology licensees during a license period to be applied to the next consecutive renewal period.

(j) The licensee shall be responsible for maintaining a record of his or her continuing education experiences for a period of at least three years.

(k) Proof of completion of a valid continuing education experience shall include the name of the licensee, the sponsor of the event, the title and date of the event, and the number of continuing education hours earned. Acceptable verification shall be:

  (1) a letter, Continuing Education (CE) registry, or form bearing a valid signature or verification as designated by the board approved sponsor;

  (2) in the event verification referenced in paragraph (1) of this subsection cannot be obtained, the board may accept verification from the presenter of an approved event if the presenter can also provide proof that the event was acceptable to an approved sponsor; or

  (3) an original or certified copy of the university or college transcript if earned under subsection (g) of this section.

(l) The documentation, certificates, diplomas, or other documentation verifying earning of continuing education hours shall not be forwarded to the board at the time of renewal unless the board selected the licensee for audit.

(m) The audit process shall be as follows.

  (1) The board shall select for audit a random sample of licensees for each renewal month. The renewal form shall indicate whether the licensee has been selected for audit.

  (2) A licensee selected for audit shall submit documentation defined in subsections (k) and (l) of this section at the time the renewal form and fee are submitted to the board.

  (3) Failure to furnish this information in a timely manner or providing false information during the audit or renewal process are grounds for disciplinary action against the licensee.

  (4) A licensee who is selected for continuing education audit may renew through the online renewal process. However, the license will not be considered renewed until required continuing education documents are received, accepted and approved by the board office.

(n) Completion of the jurisprudence examination shall count as one hour of the continuing education requirement for professional ethics, as referenced in subsection (c) of this section per renewal period.

Source Note: The provisions of this §741.162 adopted to be effective March 22, 2006, 31 TexReg 2160; amended to be effective May 18, 2008, 33 TexReg 3742; amended to be effective August 27, 2009, 34 TexReg 5691; amended to be effective January 16, 2011, 36 TexReg 43; amended to be effective March 18, 2012, 37 TexReg 1706; amended to be effective August 28, 2014, 39 TexReg 6470

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