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RULE §9.124Contractual Agreements for Instruction with Non-SACSCOC-Accredited Organizations Other than Public Secondary Schools

(a) General Policy Guidelines.

  (1) Contractual agreements for instruction by public two-year colleges with non-SACSCOC accredited organizations must comply with all current guidelines of the SACSCOC.

  (2) Courses and programs offered under contractual agreements must be consistent with the educational purpose, mission, and goals of the institution.

  (3) Courses and programs offered and eligible for state appropriations must remain under the sole and direct control of the sponsoring public two-year college.

(b) Regulations.

  (1) Board Approval.

    (A) All programs and courses must be approved through the established procedures of the Board.

    (B) Requirements. Courses offered must remain under the sole and direct control of the sponsoring public two-year college which exercises ultimate and continuing responsibility for the performance of the functions reflected in the contract. Instructors of courses must meet qualifications as stipulated by the public two-year college. The public two-year college must employ at least one full-time faculty member per degree program and specify in the contract the institutional procedures by which the contracted courses or programs meet the standards of regular programs as disclosed fully in the publications of the institution, specifically including the following:

      (i) recruitment and counseling of students;

      (ii) admission of students to courses and/or to the sponsoring institution where certificate and associate degree programs are pursued;

      (iii) development and evaluation of the curriculum;

      (iv) evaluation of student progress;

      (v) record keeping;

      (vi) tuition and/or fee charges, receipts and disbursement of funds, and refund policy;

      (vii) appointment, supervision, and evaluation of faculty; and

      (viii) instruction and learning resources.

  (2) The Contractual Agreement.

    (A) The contractual agreement must be executed by designated officers of the public two-year college and their counterparts in the contracting organization.

    (B) The contractual agreement shall establish a definite understanding between the public two-year college and the contracting agency to include each of the items required by this subsection.

    (C) The agreement shall specify the work to be performed, the period of the agreement, and the conditions under which any renewal or renegotiation must occur.

Source Note: The provisions of this §9.124 adopted to be effective May 25, 2004, 29 TexReg 5069; amended to be effective September 4, 2014, 39 TexReg 6846

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