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RULE §4.11Common Admission Application Forms

(a) A common application form for freshman and undergraduate transfer applications is hereby adopted by the Coordinating Board pursuant to Texas Education Code, §51.762. The form is adopted in both a printed format, distributed each August to Texas high schools and available at www.collegeforalltexans.com, and in an electronic format (www.applytexas.org). The Board, with the assistance of an advisory committee established by, and in accordance with, Board rules, Chapter 1, Subchapter G, §§1.128 - 1.134 of this title (relating to Apply Texas Advisory Committee), will review the form and recommend any changes for subsequent academic years.

(b) Public junior colleges, public state colleges, and public technical institutes must accept freshman and undergraduate transfer applications using the electronic common admission application form. General academic teaching institutions must accept freshman and undergraduate transfer applications using either the electronic or printed format.

(c) Each general academic teaching institution shall collect information regarding gender, race/ethnicity, and date of birth as part of the application process and report this information to the Coordinating Board.

(d) All general academic teaching institutions shall adhere to the following guidelines:

  (1) No general academic teaching institution shall pre-print its own name on the printed common application form, and no general academic teaching institution's name or logo shall appear on the form.

  (2) When sending the common application to a student along with other supplemental information or when inserting it into a viewbook, it shall be included with no alterations and shall include the instructions for completing the application, the general application information and the list of deadlines for all general academic teaching institutions.

(e) The Coordinating Board shall ensure that copies of the freshman common admission application form and information for its use are available for distribution to appropriate personnel at each Texas public high school. The Coordinating Board will work with institutions and high schools to ensure that all high schools have access to either the printed or electronic common application form. Participating institutions may charge a reasonable fee for the filing of a common application form.

(f) The Coordinating Board shall enter into a contract with a public institution of higher education to maintain the electronic common application system for use by the public in applying for admission to participating institutions and for distribution of the electronic application to the participating institutions designated by the applicant. Operating costs of the system will be paid for by all institutions required to use the common application plus independent and health-related institutions that contract to use the electronic application. Each participating institution shall pay a portion of the cost based on the percentage of its enrollment compared to the total enrollment of all participating institutions based on the previous year's certified enrollment data. The Coordinating Board will monitor the cost of the system and notify the institutions on an annual basis of their share of the cost. Billings for the services for the coming year will be calculated and sent to the institutions by July 15th of each fiscal year and payments must be received no later than December 1, of each fiscal year.

Source Note: The provisions of this §4.11 adopted to be effective February 22, 2010, 35 TexReg 1451; amended to be effective September 6, 2011, 36 TexReg 5679; amended to be effective December 2, 2013, 38 TexReg 8666

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