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RULE §21.2248Repayment of Loans

(a) A Texas Armed Services Scholarship is considered a loan on the date the recipient fails to meet the conditions of the scholarship; the loan amount must be repaid, plus interest accrued.

(b) The interest rate charged on the Texas Armed Services Loans shall be the same rate charged for a College Access Loan at the time the funds were disbursed. Interest shall begin to accrue on the date the scholarship is converted to a loan.

(c) The total amount of principal, interest, late charges, and any costs of collection that accrue over the life of the loans are to be repaid in installments over a period of not more than 15 years after the date the scholarship becomes a loan.

(d) A recipient shall begin making payments six months after the date the scholarship becomes a loan.

(e) The minimum monthly payment amount required by any repayment plan is $100, or an amount required to repay the loan within 15 years, whichever is greater.

(f) A charge of 5 percent of the scheduled monthly payment amount or five dollars ($5), whichever is less, shall be assessed if the past due amount is not received within 20 days of the scheduled due date. These charges shall be collected for late payment of all sums due and payable and shall be taken out of the next payment received by the Board.

(g) In the case of delinquent accounts, the Commissioner may authorize the assessment of charges to cover costs necessary to collect the loan.

(h) An education deferment is available to any recipient whose loan is not in a default status and who provides the Board documentation of enrollment as at least a half-time student.

(i) The Commissioner may grant periods of forbearance in the form of postponed or reduced payments for unusual financial hardship if the Board receives a written request stating the circumstances that merit such consideration.

Source Note: The provisions of this §21.2248 adopted to be effective November 30, 2009, 34 TexReg 8530

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